5 top tips to increase kerb appeal


First impressions count and the first impact is the outside. Wow them from the kerb and they will enter your home with glee and good expectation. We have seen potential buyers turn up and make a decision even without entering the property. “I don’t even want to view the property” or “I love it, I’m buying it”. Make your home stand out and buyers will be keen to find out more.

Here are 5 top tips to attract buyers:

1. Loved and well maintained

Clean windows and window sills sparkle, neat front garden, clean, well painted front door, pathway or driveway jet sprayed and weeds gone, fencing or gates repaired and maintained. No one wants to buy a liability, hassle or hard work. This will be the first impression and last impression.
Oh and bins, there is nothing worse than arriving at a property and the first thing you notice is the smelly bins. If you can, move them away from the front of your property.

2. Pavement / street

Sometimes there is rubbish blowing along the pavement or rubbish in the bush or even the neighbours push. I can be found often cleaning the pavement and picking up litter on the road or close by, again to have a good impression of the area.

3. Splash of colour or greenery

A touch of colour can truly transform the kerb appeal of any property for sale or a couple of potted trees or small bushes placed either side of your doorway will give a touch of elegance.
Healthy plants and colourful seasonal flowers don’t just make your home more attractive, they also show the buyer that you care for and love your property.

4. Lighting

Winter rain or summer shine, you cannot predict what our wonderful British weather will throw at your enthusiastic potential buyers. Allow your home to give them a warm welcome by adding some external lighting, so your home will look inviting.

5. What’s your number

Frustrating, isn’t it, when you are looking for a house and you can’t find it? The name or number may be hidden behind foliage, or not on display at all. The last thing you want is your buyers arriving frustrated or stressed, as they haven’t been able to identify which house is yours. If you can’t see it from the roadside, then how will they?
Take time to increase the kerb appeal of your property, so don’t ignore these 5 tips and you will find that property buyers will be attracted to your home from first sight.
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