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Choosing the right Conveyancing Solicitors

(Written by Izzy Moralee)

Finding a solicitor that is motivated enough to push through the hurdles that comes with sales is key to a successful move.


Who do we recommend?

We work closely with a team of dedicated conveyancing solicitors that are successful and reflect positively on us for recommending them, and has the same aligned values.


What do you mean – Same Aligned values?

The element we love, and our clients love, is the fact that they work on a no sale, no legal fee promise, meaning if the sale falls through, you will not have to pay their legal fees.

This also means, they are motivated.


What? … Motivated Solicitors?

They are as keen as us, to chase the sales through. Paid on Results. Delivering on Results.


To reduce the time it takes from offer to exchange. A key performance indicator.

They will not use, where possible, snail post, it will be instant emails.

Their performance is directly related to how much they are paid. This is unique.

Too often we come across unmotivated, uncaring and unbothered conveyancing solicitors. The stress and frustration added to this process can be exhausting. It’s just one less thing to worry about.

Communication plays a huge role in successfully completing a sale, pro-actively communicating with managing agents or chains or agents.


What if I want to go through a different conveyancing solicitors?

Whether you choose to go by our suggestion, or choose to do your own research, it is important to look at reviews and performance. Are they motivated? Do they get paid, even if the sale doesn’t go through? Where is the incentive?


What questions should I ask when choosing the company I go with?

Asking questions is important but what should you ask? Here are a list of a few that may not initially spring to mind when choosing your solicitor.


Communication is key

Communication (or lack of) could potentially be the difference between you hitting you’re move in deadline or not. Constantly phoning, leaving messages, chasing for updates or, you can log into your online case file at your convenience, receiving a full update.

Our conveyancing solicitors not only drop key updates into your inbox, but also into our inbox, this means we save time chasing them, they save time with us chasing them and it adds to a smoother transaction.


Will it be possible to complete this sale by my requested deadline?

One of the first enquiries you should mention to your solicitor is the date you need this sale to be completed by. Check with them, and your agent, beforehand to make sure they think it is a realistic expectation, this will save potential disappointment further down the line.


Can I use your Conveyancing Solicitors but buy through another Estate Agent?

Yes you can.

We make the introduction and the relationship is between you and the firm. They will update whichever agent you are using to buy or sell through.


How can I speed up the completion of my sale?

Currently in the UK the average time for a finalised sale takes circ. 12 weeks. There are always twists and turns along the way but we have found a couple of things you can do to get the sale moving as quickly as possible.  


Stay in contact

Don’t be afraid to ask any questions or queries that come to mind! As an agent, we are motivated to progress sales and estate agents are always happy to help progress sales.


At Clifftons, we strive to create a relaxed, trustworthy atmosphere, even when it comes to the crunch point.


Set a target date for moving

Even if you’re not in any urgency to move, a target can make a tremendous difference to finalising your sale. Having a specific date for everybody to work towards keeps all parties motivated and on track.



If there is an option for yourself to have some flexibility when it comes to dates, this can really help the sale when everyone is a little fatigued with the process.


Exchange and Completion dates

We do NOT recommend exchanging and completing on the same day. I’ve seen it several times, over the past decades, where it doesn’t proceed on that day. The worst was a lady who moved all her things from a 7th Floor apartment into a van and the sale didn’t go through, and then subsequently fell through. A week between exchange and completion is normal but can be several weeks if needed.


Speeding up the process

We have several tips to speed the process up. Whether you are a seller or buyer, the best value, the best service, the best outcome … and we should know, we are selling properties every week, is to use our conveyancing service.


National Coverage

We cover Bournemouth and Poole and across the BH postcode district, however, our conveyancing solicitors can cover any sale or purchase, anywhere in the UK. 


They are the best value.



To obtain a written quotation, please send an email to:, the details we need are: 

  • First name & Surname, email and mobile. 
  • The address of the property you are selling or buying
  • The Purchase/Sale Price
  • Freehold or Leasehold / share of freehold
  • House, bungalow or apartment
  • Is there a Mortgage involved
  • Are the Selling or Buying or Both
  • Using Help to Buy scheme


We will then send through a detailed quote, plus access to your FREE moving guide.

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